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Anne Arundel Beekeepers Association

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Browse through our E-Books and if you know of any more please send us an Email so we can add them !

Back Yard Beekeeping
The Life of the Bee
How to Start Beekeeping for Free
Natural Beekeeping
So You Want to keep Bees?
The E-Book On Honey Bees
Bees, Pesticides and Us - Power-Point Presentation
Another E-Book On Honey Bees
The History of Beekeeping
How to Build a Top Bar Hive
The Ultimate Guide to Beekeeping
Organic Gardening Resource Center
Disease Fact Sheets Listed by Crop
Telling the Bees
Sustainable Beekeeping thru Nucleus Colonies
Beekeeping Resources
Sugar Roll Monitoring for Varroa Mites
Labeling Your Honey

Online Resources for those interested in Bee Identification and Monitoring Programs

A MANUAL that covers most aspects of the monitoring, collection, identification, specimen processing, and curation of bee specimens
Species lists, Identification Guides, and Maps for ALL GENERA in North America, CARIBBEAN, AND MEXICO are available along with all the species East of the Mississippi, and many of the western species
Another manual on surveying bees, but one that emphasizes the statistical aspects more than the Handy Bee Manual
General resources on working with pollinators and pollinator habitats/agriculture
A guide to the GENERA of the bees of eastern Canada
Mitchell’s 1960 and 1962 BOOKS on the bees of the Eastern United States
A list of specialist bees of the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern United States
Flashcards for learning the identification of North American bees
Maryland and District of Columbia Native Bee Fascicle Series - Contains detailed overviews of identification for each species
A list of bees with pictures (ongoing) for the state of Maryland and the District of Columbia, along with information about their identification and commonness
Specialist pollen collecting bees of the Mid-Atlantic and New England regions and the plants they use/need

AE Disease Load Monitoring Reports for 2016

SAAL_Final Report 2015


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